The Latest Services and Add-ons from Vinaphone

Vinaphone, the second largest mobile phone network provider in Vietnam, has amped up its services and add-ons to help customers experience the fun and convenience that comes with being a loyal subscriber. The company has been around since 1996, but in 2006, major changes were integrated into the brand to make it more current and hip, keeping in mind its young subscribers. In line with this image revamp, Vinaphone continues to make communicating with friends and loved ones easy while keeping up with the market’s ever-changing needs.

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The younger subscribers in Vietnam have expressed the need for the following services and applications to enhance their mobile usage experience—on-demand Internet access, avenues for entertainment, access to information, and enhanced calling features. In response to all this, Vinaphone has created the following features and add-ons for its subscribers:

1. Internet Access

Vinaphone has provided its subscribers Internet access through Mobile Internet, wherein one may access the Internet anytime using his or her mobile phone. With it, it’s easy to download or listen to music on Zing, watch movies or laugh at the latest viral videos on Youtube, and download and play games without a hitch. One could also stay in touch with a friend via Facebook or Twitter, and chat or send email on Yahoo Mail or Gmail.

Facebook on mobile phone

To start using Mobile Internet, one must make sure that the mobile device he or she is using has 3G capability. If not, the 3G mode should be installed by configuring the settings on the device.

2.  Entertainment

Whether you want to listen to the latest tunes, watch movies online, or chill out and indulge in a good book, Vinaphone has everything to keep you entertained, anytime, anywhere.

For instance, how about changing your Ringback tone? Now, when someone calls you up, he or she won’t be hearing the same boring tone—instead, you can pick out a song or sound effect to personalize your phone. To subscribe, simply send “Ringtunes” via SMS to 9194.

For those who are more into podcasts than music, the My Radio app is for you. Choose from different topics such as secret love, health handbook, quick tips and hints, beauty advice, recipes, stress relief, and lotto results among others. You can choose to try out the service for one day, and if you like it, you can extend the service from seven to 30 days. This service is available to postpaid and prepaid subscribers.

Movie buffs will love the vFilm feature, dedicated to providing movies to Vinaphone subscribers. It’s easy to watch an old favorite or the latest flicks on your mobile phone or tablet. Movies are classified according to genre, so take your pick from action, drama, comedy, animation, or horror movies. Make sure that your phone or tablet is running on Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Smartphone operating system to access this feature.

videos on mobile
Watch video clips on mobile

Voracious readers will delight in the VTruyen application, which enables Vinaphone subscribers to read online, and watch related news, video clips or photos on the hottest novels out there. You can also post a review or recommendation on the books you’ve read. Choose from thousands of audio books, novels, and comic books.

3. General Information

Part of keeping up with the times is by being informed and aware of all the latest news and happenings in and around town and all over the world. Vinaphone has a lot of add-ons to address this need for updates and information anytime it’s needed.

VinaSport Services is the perfect add-on for the sports enthusiast. Get breaking news on the latest sports update. Have access to the latest scores through SMS. You’ll also get to listen to Sports Radio three times a day, so you’ll stay updated no matter where you are.

mNews is just the thing you’ll need to be informed of all the latest global and local news. You’ll receive content via SMS on general news, economy, financial, entertainment and sports news, and many more. It only takes a one-time registration to gain access to all of these.

Wondering if you’ll make it to your meeting in Hanoi or HCMC in time? Mtraffic is a service that you can register to so you’ll be updated about the traffic situation of the major cities in Vietnam. You’ll be notified if there’s a traffic jam or if there are any road and driving related accidents so you can plan on taking an alternate route.

4. Gadget Management

Add-ons under the Gadget Management category all aim to manage your calls and text messages. The Call Blocking Service helps to block calls from unfamiliar numbers or from indicated numbers. This is a great feature, especially for parents who want to keep their children safe.

Another great feature is the Say2Send add-on, wherein one may send a text message by recording his or her voice on the mobile phone, and the recorded message will be sent as an SMS to the intended recipient. This can be very helpful, especially for older subscribers or disabled people.

Don’t you just hate it when your phone gets damaged, lost or stolen? Any of these might have happened to you, and apart from losing a phone, you also lose precious contact numbers, photos and other important data that you’ve saved on your mobile. It’s a good thing that Vinaphone has the Datasafe support service. By registering your phone to this add-on, you’ll ensure that backup data on your mobile is safely stored on a Cloud, and you can easily retrieve it if your phone has been lost or damaged. You can also transfer all data from one phone to another device, without using Bluetooth or any other intermediary device. Best of all, the data on your phone will be protected if ever it gets stolen. The protection feature of this add-on will wipe off all data on your mobile, and will also help you track down the location of your phone in the shortest time. This add-on is worth every cent.

yahoo messenger
Yahoo messenger on mobile

Can’t get enough of Yahoo Messenger? Now you can chat to your heart’s content with the integrated applications of Yahoo Messenger on your mobile, powered by Vinaphone. You can send and receive messages, view chat history, update your status, and manage your buddy list.

Sending photos and other multimedia messages is easy with the MMS Service. You can send MMS to any subscriber of any network, and if the recipient does not have any MMS capability on their mobile, you can send it via email. Send baby pictures, or pictures of what you had for breakfast, text files and sound files and share them with your friends. It’s a lot of fun!

Sometimes, a text message is not enough. Why not subscribe to Video Call to get some face time with your loved ones? All you’ll need is a mobile device with a camera, and you’re all set. You can only make video calls to other Vinaphone subscribers though, so it would be a good thing to encourage your family and friends to switch over to Vinaphone today.

All of these apps and add-ons are available at the Vinaphone App Store, and please note that charges will apply, depending on the add-ons that you’ll get and the plans or packages that you’ll choose.

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