How to Recharge Vietnam Mobile Subscribers

Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to top up any Vietnam mobile number.

The step by step procedure applies for all networks including EVNTelecom, Gmobile (Beeline)Mobifone, S-Fone, Viettel Mobile, Vietnamobile and VinaPhone networks. Take note, RechargeVN automatically determines which network the recipient is subscribed to, therefore you will only be required to choose denomination and input the mobile number.

Step 1 – Go to homepage

Step 2 – Choose Amount

Step 3 – Enter Mobile Number
Enter mobile number by following the format:
for ex. +84911234567

**Make sure you enter the correct mobile number. All transactions are final once payment is made.

Step 4 – Click “Add to Cart” button

Step 5 – Shopping Cart
Once you’ve added the item into your cart, you should see it appear on the right side of the page in your Shopping Cart.

Step 6- Coupon
If you have a Coupon, now is the time to use it.
To use a coupon, simply enter the Coupon Code into the text field and hit the apply coupon button.

After you hit the coupon button, you will be notified whether the coupon code application was a success or a failure.

Troubleshooting Failed Coupon application

  • Please make sure you apply the coupon code as is (correct spelling, capital letters, no spacing, no quotation marks, etc.)
  • Coupon may have expired
  • No such coupon exists

Once you’re finished, you can proceed to checkout as normal.

Step 7 – Order More or Checkout
If you’re done placing orders, click the “Checkout with Paypal” button.
If you want to place more orders, simply Step 1.

Step 8
Please wait as the transaction is being processed

Step 9

  1. Choose which way to transact.
  2. Log in to PayPal if you have a PayPal account.
  3. or choose the “continue checkout” if you prefer to transact directly from your credit card.

Step 10
Enter payment details

Step 11
Click the Return to Website button to return to our website

Step 12 – Sit Back and Relax

  • You will receive a “Thank You” email regarding the successful placement of the order.
  • Once the mobile load is transferred to the mobile number, an SMS with a unique Reference Number will be sent to the Mobile Number.
  • Likewise, you will receive a “Confirmation” email with the same unique Reference Number as well.

RechargeVN instantly processes each order as soon as the payment has been verified. However, there may be rare instances of delay due to cellular network congestion or scheduled maintenance downtimes. During these times, our system automatically queues and processes the orders once system is back online. RechargeVN has an uptime guarantee of 99.5%.

Lastly, all orders are covered with RechargeVN’s Money Back Guarantee.

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