The Most Unique Souvenirs from Vietnam

Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s prime destinations for the adventurous and the bold. The country’s bustling streets are brimming with more than just motorbikes and food stalls—they’re also home to some of the best shopping that Asia has to offer. Almost every other shop window in major cities in Vietnam showcases beautiful handicrafts and handmade souvenirs touted by friendly shopkeepers. Among the wares are some hidden gems that would be just the thing to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces back home.

souvenirs in vietnam
Vietnamese Souvenirs

Choosing just one kind of item to give as generic gifts would be a shame, as there are so many possibilities as to what souvenirs you can get. I’ve always thought of gift giving as an art, and there’s no excuse to get everyone you know the same generic key chain. There’s a gift that will appeal to each person that you know. And you might even be surprised as to what items your family and friends will appreciate! Continue reading “The Most Unique Souvenirs from Vietnam”

Backpacking in Vietnam

Since opening its borders, Vietnam has in recent years become a major backpacking destination. Despite having a history synonymous with war and conflict, little evidence exists today of any of this. Instead of a war-torn country, what you’ll find is a vibrant land filled with possibilities. The Vietnam of today is a highly cultured and incredibly accessible country specially suited to travelers who are just starting to venture into Southeast Asia. With stunning vistas of soaring mountains, lush rice paddies and dense forests, there is a side of Vietnam to suit everyone.

Go backpacking in Vietnam

For the past few years, many backpackers have made it a point to include Vietnam in their Southeast Asian treks because of the many adventures to be had here, not to mention the very low cost of accommodation, food, and entertainment. Here are some tips when backpacking in Vietnam: Continue reading “Backpacking in Vietnam”

Fashion Finds in Ho Chi Minh City

Stylish girls know that in order to stay current and presentable at all times, one has to shop frequently to keep up with the ever-changing trends that the fashion world dictates. Yet not all fashionistas are spendthrift bubbleheads who throw their money away like it’s going out of style. Most ladies who are in the know prefer to actually save money when it comes to shopping, as they know that trends don’t last forever. Hemlines can go up one season, and down the next. What’s today’s gotta-have-it item could be on tomorrow’s uncool list. So instead of spending oodles of cash on designer items, savvy girls look towards flea markets, bazaars, outdoor markets, and tailoring shops to have their sartorial needs met.

go shopping
Go to Ho Chi Minh for a shopping adventure

Now, I’m nowhere near becoming the next Olivia Palermo, or any of those stylish bloggers that you’ll find all over the net, but I know enough about fashion so I’m confident that I won’t end up as a Don’t on Glamour Magazine. I know for a fact that short girls should never wear Capri pants, and that head to toe lime green will make me look like a highlighter pen. And that when in doubt, the best thing to wear is a nice pair of jeans, topped with a not-too-ratty shirt and a blazer, then dress up the whole ensemble with some fierce shoes and a nice bag. Pretty safe and unoriginal, but that’s better than looking like a walking fashion disaster. Continue reading “Fashion Finds in Ho Chi Minh City”

A Guide to Ladies Night in Ho Chi Minh City

If it’s been more than two weeks since your last girls’ night out, it’s time to make some plans to hit the coolest clubs and bars and spend time with your girlfriends. And if you plan it out well, you could score some free drinks, a prime spot near the DJ’s booth, or even free entrance to the swankiest night clubs. In Ho Chi Minh City, a lot of clubs designate one day every week as Ladies Night, and here, you’ll learn where and when to go for a great time.

ladies night
Ladies Night at Ho Chi Minh City

Apart from knowing where to go, you definitely have to be prepared for ladies night. Consider these tips for an amazing and hassle free night: Continue reading “A Guide to Ladies Night in Ho Chi Minh City”

Part 2: What to Consider Before Moving to Vietnam

Vietnam has become a popular destination, not only for travel, but for living as well. As of the present, there are about 90,000 foreign nationals living here. It is the increase in prominence of Vietnam on the global scale that attracts many expats, and many of them are happy to call the country their home.

Halong Bay
Halong Bay in Vietnam

Moving to Vietnam or any Southeast Asian country can be a pleasant surprise for anyone who would like to live in a place where beach weather can be enjoyed all year long, and it can mean an even more luxurious lifestyle since the cost of living is lower than in most Western countries. However, it can be quite daunting, especially to those who are unfamiliar with the culture and other important things such as schooling, housing, and the like. Last time, we covered the culture and tips about fitting in, the language, employment opportunities, and food and restaurants. Here, have a look at the other things that you might want to consider before packing your bags and moving to Vietnam. Continue reading “Part 2: What to Consider Before Moving to Vietnam”

What You Should Know Before Moving to Vietnam

Tired of living as if you were in a constant rat race? Ever think about relocating somewhere quieter, more peaceful, where the lifestyle is laid back, things cost a lot less, and even though you’re earning less, you can actually get more? It’s possible, if you were to live in Vietnam.

Beautiful Vietnam

Most people dream about living in a place where every day seems like a holiday, where the beach is just a few steps (or a couple of minutes’ drive) away, where the food is fresh and exquisite, and the cost of living is low. That’s why many expats look to Southeast Asia for job assignments and opportunities, as most of the countries here fit the bill for an ideal place to live. Vietnam is one of the top spots for most expats, and here, we’ll take a closer look at this country, as well as the pros and cons of living here. Continue reading “What You Should Know Before Moving to Vietnam”

Top Places to Visit in Vietnam for a Honeymoon

There’s something for everyone in Vietnam, which makes it a top honeymoon destination for many couples all over the world. Whether your idea of romance is lying side by side on a beach, soaking up the history and culture in a busy metropolis, or embarking on an adventure-filled holiday, this magnificent country is sure to sweep you off your feet.

Spend your romantic vacation in Vietnam

The country is S-shaped, making it easy to travel through. Most people start at one end and emerge at the other, happy and perfectly tanned and content. One thing’s for sure, you won’t be running out of beach options because of the 3,000 kilometer coastline running almost the whole length of Vietnam. There’s culture aplenty in Hanoi and in the UNESCO-protected towns of Hue and Hoi An, and scads of outdoor adventures to be had along the way. You’ll also find world-class hotels throughout the country, from beach resorts to boutique hotels. Continue reading “Top Places to Visit in Vietnam for a Honeymoon”

Best Places to Visit and Things to Do in Vietnam with Kids

There’s a lot that has to be said about taking vacations with the entire family in tow, especially if there are little ones in the mix. Stressful? Sure, from the time you start making arrangements for the trip, to the hours spent on the plane, to making sure that no one gets lost while out and about—yes, it can be stressful indeed. Costly? Probably, but what family doesn’t come away from a trip without shelling out some money for the experience? Fun? You bet it is, even after all the whining and complaints from overtired kids, somehow, you’ll know that it has been worth it once you hear their excited shrieks and giggles over the amazing things and experiences they’ll have on the trip.

travel to vietnam
Travel to Vietnam with your kids

This year, vacations to Southeast Asia have been highly recommended and proven to be very kid-friendly, and travel-savvy parents often claim that Vietnam is one of the top destinations for families. Vietnam, with its diverse culture and many attractions could be one of the most memorable places for your family. Continue reading “Best Places to Visit and Things to Do in Vietnam with Kids”

The Latest Services and Add-ons from Vinaphone

Vinaphone, the second largest mobile phone network provider in Vietnam, has amped up its services and add-ons to help customers experience the fun and convenience that comes with being a loyal subscriber. The company has been around since 1996, but in 2006, major changes were integrated into the brand to make it more current and hip, keeping in mind its young subscribers. In line with this image revamp, Vinaphone continues to make communicating with friends and loved ones easy while keeping up with the market’s ever-changing needs.

Vinaphone company logo

The younger subscribers in Vietnam have expressed the need for the following services and applications to enhance their mobile usage experience—on-demand Internet access, avenues for entertainment, access to information, and enhanced calling features. In response to all this, Vinaphone has created the following features and add-ons for its subscribers:

Continue reading “The Latest Services and Add-ons from Vinaphone”

The Top 10 Vietnamese Foods That You Should Try

Perhaps you have an adventurous palate and are blessed with the fearless and curious spirit that drives you to taste everything that’s on a plate, a skewer, or a banana leaf.  Or maybe you have the picky nature of a toddler when it comes to food. What moves people to eat other than quelling hunger pangs varies—curiosity, a genuine enthusiasm for certain cuisines, or simply for the joy of eating. People tend to stick with the food they love, for comforting and familiar fare. Though once in a while, it’s nice to break out from the routine and live a little, try something new for a change. But one thing’s for sure: If one has to eat something unfamiliar, it better damn well taste good,

vietnamese food
Vietnamese food

There are some things that should be tried once in a lifetime, and we’re talking about Vietnamese food. Characterized by bright colors and clean flavors, it has a way of making itself known and unforgettable even to the most persnickety palate. With recognizable ingredients appealing to western tastes, it’s no surprise that Vietnamese cuisine is becoming famous worldwide. Continue reading “The Top 10 Vietnamese Foods That You Should Try”